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Emerald Publishing partners with Arabian Gulf University to publish the Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research (AGJSR)

Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research

Emerald Publishing has announced it has partnered with Arabian Gulf University to publish the Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research (AGJSR).

The first issue of AGJSR was published in 1983 by the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States, and now, with the support of Emerald, the journal is looking to extend its reach to a global audience.

The international, open access, peer-reviewed journal publishes research covering all aspects of pure, natural resources, management, computer, innovation, biotechnology, and educational sciences.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Natural resources sciences (i.e., climate change, renewable energy, waste management, water management, etc).
  • Medical Sciences (behavioural medical issues, psychological issues, etc).
  • Computer science and applications (cloud computing, mobile applications, cybersecurity, AI, FinTech, IOS, etc).
  • Biotechnology (i.e., Bioprocess engineering, drug discovery, bioremediation, environmental biotechnology).
  • Innovation, entrepreneurship, and management sciences (Digital, social, national, regional, product, process, organizational innovation; digital entrepreneurship, challenges and drivers of entrepreneurship, leadership styles, etc.). 
  • Educational Sciences (i.e., digital education, measurement and evaluation, educational psychology, creativity, gifted and talent management, autism, and difficulties, Virtual and augmented reality, metaverse, etc.).

The journal welcomes a variety of formats including research papers, viewpoints, technical and conceptual papers, literature reviews, policy briefs, and case studies.

The journal’s editorial team includes Dr Khalid Abdul Rahman Al-Ohaly from Arabian Gulf University as Editor and Professor Soud Almahamid from Arabian Gulf University as Editor-in-Chief.

To find out more about the journal and to submit your research, visit: https://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/journal/agjsr