International Journal of Operations Management welcomes an additional Editor-in-Chief to the team

International Journal of Operations & Production Management

International Journal of Operations Management is absolutely delighted to welcome an additional Editor-in-Chief: Robert D Klassen, Professor of Operations Management at Ivey Business School. 

Robert's research interests focus on exploring the linkages between operations and the natural environment, including international operations. This research has emphasized, first, characterizing the pattern of investment in environmental technologies, and second, understanding both the antecedents and performance outcomes of these investments. His research has been published in Management Science, Journal of Operations Management, Academy of Management Journal, and Decision Sciences, among others. He is currently serving on the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Operations Management. Robert was the Chair of the Operations Management division of the Academy of Management in 2001, and previously served as the Program Chair in 1999.

In addition to teaching the first-year operations management course in the MBA and EMBA programs, Robert has recently introduced a new course in Managing for Sustainable Development. He has also taught electives in the Developing and Managing Technology, Management of Services and Operations Strategy. He continues to actively develop new teaching materials, including over 20 cases and exercises in the area of operations strategy, process analysis, quality management and environmental management.