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How to promote your work

We use our global networks and advanced technology to optimise the reach of your journal article, book, book series or case study. But when it comes to getting your work seen, read, used and cited, you can play a crucial role. After all, no-one is better placed to explain the results than the author. We’ve drawn together some top tips to get you started. 

Top tips for promoting your work

  • On average, a person sends more than 40 emails a day – make sure you include the title of your work and a link in your email signature.
  • Do you teach or speak at events or conferences? Feature a slide at the end of your lectures and presentations. Journal authors also have the option of distributing high-quality reproductions of their article – these can be ordered through our Reprints Service 
  • Spread the word within your networks – post information about your published research to relevant contact lists, forums, associations, and listservs. 
  • Share it online – if you’ve got a blog or a website, make sure you add a link to your work. 
  • Join the conversation – maximise the potential of your social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Academia.Edu are all great ways to ensure your research is part of current discussions. Visit our social media advice page
  • Register with Kudos – use of Kudos leads to higher downloads of full text on the publisher site, so register with Kudos, and get sharing!
  • Think your research might have relevance outside the academic community? Consider creating a press release
  • Speak to your librarian and campus bookstore (if you’ve published a book) – make sure they have copies in stock and access to our content site Emerald Insight
  • Download a flyer for your book – you will find a flyer button in the left-hand bar of your book title page on the Emerald Bookstore

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