Our goal for quality education for all

We believe in quality education for everyone, everywhere and by highlighting the issue and working with experts in the field, we can start to find ways we can all be part of the solution.

Our goal is to help researchers to share their work, and partner to find ways to break down the divides so there is equal opportunity to access quality education and participate in higher education, training and work, with a voice that is heard.  We believe everyone should have a chance to be the best they can be regardless of where they started.

Sharon Parkinson, Publishing Development Manager, Quality Education for all.  

Our goals: Fairer society | Healthier lives | Responsible management | Quality education for all

If you're an author, researcher, or someone who cares as much as we do about education and lifelong learning, we would love to work with you and help your research to contribute to quality education for all. Get in touch.


Our goal to achieve quality education for all

Research has a vital role to play in breaking down the divides to ensure everyone, everywhere has access to quality education.


Winds of Change: A Novel Tool to Reimagine Internationalization of Higher Education in Brazil

This year's winner of the Emerald and HETL Outstanding Doctoral Research Award was on a new (self) assessment matrix which helps higher education institutions assess their internationalization processes.

Read more about Gabriel Brito Amorim’s research, and download the infographic


Equality, diversity & inclusion in higher education

This mission explores how higher education institutions value equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and can take active steps to provide an inclusive environment for students, staff and visitors.

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First voices first - opening up access to make voices heard

We’re really passionate here at Emerald about making research that matters as impactful as possible – that’s why we’ve started a new pilot project with The Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL).

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Calls for papers

Browse the latest calls for papers in the area of quality education for all.

Micro-credential as a digital enabler for higher education ecosystems
Guest Editors: Dr. Muhammad Ali, UCSI Graduate Business School, UCSI University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, [email protected]; [email protected] Prof. Dr. Syed Ali Raza, IQRA…
Journal of International Education in Business: Call for special issue proposals
The Journal of International Education in Business is currently looking for special issue proposals. The Journal of International Education in Business (JIEB) is a peer reviewed journal concerned…
Learning from the Local: Place-Based Education in Social Studies Disciplines
Introduction  In place-based education, important concepts, content, and constructs are contextualized for students through a local lens. Sobel calls such conceptualization the “pedagogy of place” (…
Mentoring and Coaching in the Workplace
Introduction  Given its developmental focus, JMP has attracted several articles on mentoring and coaching from a diverse set of authors. This special issue is interdisciplinary at its core:…
Call for Papers – The Journal of Educational Administration
About the Journal Articles published in JEA demonstrate the editors' continuing commitment to theory, empirical research and critical analysis of the field's development. JEA's primary focus is on…
Catering for learner diversity with technological advances
Guest Editors Kam Cheong LI, Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Hong Kong China, [email protected] Billy T.M. WONG, Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Hong Kong China, [email protected] Reggie…
Anticipatory education policies for navigating disruptive technologies
Guest Editor: Bohumil “Bob” Kartous, Director, Prague Innovation Institute, Czech Republic, [email protected] Introduction: This special issue of On the Horizon examines key, emerging…
Latin America and the Caribbean Management History
Introduction The evolution of management thought in Europe has its roots in the books of classic economists like Smith, Jevons, Marshall, Mills, Say, and Babbage (George & Álvarez, 2005). In the…
Rethinking In-Service Social Studies Teacher Professional Development in Polarizing Times
Guest Editors: Chrystal S. Johnson, Purdue University, USA, [email protected] Yonghee Suh, Old Dominion University, USA, [email protected] Kathryn Obenchain, Purdue University, USA, [email protected]
Pedagogical Innovations in Higher Education
Guest Editors: Patrick Blessinger, HETL Association, USA, [email protected] Taisir Subhi Yamin, ICIE, Germany, [email protected]    Introduction:   Education around the world is…

Opinion & blogs

We welcome contributions from academics, policymakers and professionals about key issues in their area of work. If you have a blog you would like to share, let us know.

Quality education for all

The use of social marketing to achieve quality education for all

Dr Celestin Mayombe discusses how social marketing efforts enhance the effectiveness of adult education and training programmes in reducing unemployment and poverty among disadvantaged community members.
Quality education for all

Rethinking future readiness for our students in the post-pandemic volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment

There is a constant call for equipping future readiness among students. In this blog, Adrian Lam Man-Ho revisits the fundamentals surrounding future readiness.
Quality education for all

Professionalisation of EDI in higher education: challenges and opportunities

With more and more people working in EDI roles in universities, we are seeing greater calls for these roles to be professionalised. But what might this look like, and what benefits could it have? Claire Hann explores these questions.
Quality education for all

Creativity transforms our literacy spaces

Janet Ho, Lingnan University, discusses the benefits of bringing creativity to learning to stimulate students' creativity and problem-solving skills, creating more opportunities for them in life.
Quality education for all

Thoughts on diversity, equity, and inclusion work in doctoral education research

Pamela Felder-Small shares her views on diversity, equity, and inclusion work in doctoral education research, and the work she's done to foster social justice.
Quality education for all


Mike Rifino & Kushya Sugarman, authors of Loneliness through the lens of Black feminist love-politics, reflect on their collective positionality of loneliness in the classroom, and offer updated pedagogical recommendations.

News & press

Below we have a collection of news articles centred around aspects of quality education for all.

Quality education for all

17 Books: Webinar series launches to discuss the role of higher education in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals in dialogue with youth voices

Dr. Wendy M. Purcell, Harvard University and Brighton Kaoma, United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth have together developed an 'in conversation' webinar series to discuss the role of higher education in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in dialogue with youth and student voices.
Quality education for all
Responsible management

Emerald partners with Knowledge Unlatched to create an open access business management and economics eBooks collection aligned to the UN’s SDGs

Emerald Publishing has partnered with Knowledge Unlatched (KU) to create and promote an open access eBook collection in the area of business management and economics.
Quality education for all
Real impact

Emerald Publishing shortlisted for the Independent Publishers Guild Alison Morrison Diversity Award for second year

We are honoured to be shortlisted for the 2022 Independent Publishers Awards, Alison Morrison Diversity Award, for the second year running.
Quality education for all
Real impact

Sally Wilson, Publishing Director, talks about 'change fatigue' amidst a need for other publication metrics

An article published in Times Higher Education explores the results from Emerald's 2021 Time for Change report, particularly focusing on the effects of the turbulence caused by the pandemic which may have reduced the appetite for radical reform of research assessment and rewards.
Quality education for all
Real impact

Emerald to co-sponsor the Women in Academia Support Network Conference

Emerald Publishing is co-sponsoring the Women in Academia Support Network’s (WIASN) Virtually Undisciplined Conference which takes place virtually between the 31st March and 1st April 2022.
Quality education for all
Real impact

Emerald celebrates winners of its annual High Usage Award 2022

Emerald Publishing has announced the top 20 global academic institutions with the highest number of downloads of its eJournal content throughout 2021, as part of its annual high usage award.

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Sharon Parkinson

I’m the Quality Education for All Publishing development manager. I am the contact for the Emerald Open Research ‘Education and Learning’ gateway and also have responsibility for working closely with the educational research community to explore and deliver innovative open publishing routes. 

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Prof Mok – Goal advisor

Prof Mok has extensively contributed to the field of social change and education policy, and has a strong leadership and entrepreneurial approach to the organisation of the field. Prof Mok values the importance of the SDGs and is an advocate for achieving real impact. He is based at Lingnan University in Hong Kong, ranked 3rd in THE impact rankings for education.

Read Prof Mok's Blog: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international higher education: critical reflections

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The Jacobs Foundation

What happens in children’s and young people’s brains when they learn? What does the ideal learning and development environment for each individual look like?

The Jacobs Foundation and its large network have long been seeking answers to these questions, aware that the resulting findings must be shared, debated, and translated into action.

BOLD is an initiative dedicated to spreading the word about how children and young people develop and learn. Designed as a digital platform for the exchange of ideas and opinions, BOLD encourages any contributions suitable for fostering and advancing the discussion.